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Cubing IIS Logs

Using the data warehouse built in the <a title=”Data Warehousing IIS Logs” target=”_blank” href=””>previous post and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) we can cube our log data.  The most compelling reason to create a data cube for the log data was to gain access to MDX (MultiDimensional eXpression). MDX comes with a great deal more built in […]

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Data Warehousing IIS Logs

Previously, I discussed using LogParser 2.2 to load IIS logs into SQL Server. Continuing on with my prototype for reporting on IIS Log data, I roughed out a data warehouse for the log data – the schema is below.

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Handling IIS Logs with Microsoft’s Log Parser

So you have a mountain of IIS logs, and you or someone in your organization is asking questions the answers to which might be found in that endless stream of log data.  There are many ways to analyze IIS logs, and there is certainly no compelling reason to reinvent the wheel here – its a […]

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