Intensity is not a Sign of Weakness

If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins. 
Benjamin Franklin 

Given that I work with fellow passionate and intelligent nerds (a deadly combination) there is always a level of intensity around the office – it would be an awfully boring environment where that not the case.  

I’ve come to a realization just today that not keeping up with the level of intensity of those around me is not a sign of weakness – or an inability to “keep up”.  In my particular case, its a sign of total denial about what I’m passionate about.  

Looking back, and likely to those reading this, my mistake is pretty obvious.  The level of intensity people have when discussing a topic is due to their passion for the topic.  Attempting to match that intensity means I’d have to also be passionate about the topic.  Being passionate about a topic means I must then pour lots of time into keeping up on said topic – that’s what passionate people do with the things they are passionate about, right?  Right – of course!

Attempting to keep pace with someone else’s intensity and passion because I want to “get it” too and because I don’t want to “fall behind” is totally crazy – learn from my mistake!  As it turns out, its far less stressful to simply accept what I’m passionate about and leave others to own what they are passionate about.  In fact, it leads to actually enjoying other’s enthusiasm for a topic. Already, I’ve learned more from conversations today – I suspect that’s because I’m listening more.


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